This tour was conducted by As-Sheikh A.R.A. Hafeel and under the guidance of the Deputy Director of WAMY Dr. H.L.M. Haris. The theme of the tour was to build up a peaceful interaction between the communities and lectures and dialogues were held.

The Buddhist prelates from Thalgaspitiya region and other religious dignitaries and intellectuals were met and had friendly discussions. The Director of the department of Muslim Cultural Affairs As-Sheikh Y.L.M. Navavy, Mr. M. Sajahan (teacher) and Br, Abdullah participated. Books too were distributed.

Meanwhile a meeting was held on how to interact with members of other communities at the Pothuhara Jumma Masjid for the people of that region.

Also a seminar was held for the students of higher classes of the Thelliyagonne region. As-Sheikh U.K. Rameez spoke on how to improve their personalities. School stationeries were also distributed to selected students.

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