A delegation of High Officers of WAMY Dammam visited Sri Lanka

A delegation led by Dr. Ahmed bin Al-Owais who is incharge of Estern region arrived in Sri Lanka for a two day visit in May 2012.

Dr. Ahmed Fuard, Dr. Salih bin Abdur Raheem, Dr. Mohamed bin Abdul Azeez, Ustaz Fahd bin Aly and Ustaz Mohammed bin Ahmed were the members in the delegation.

A meeting was arranged for the delegation to meet the Saudi Arabian envoy Abdu Azeez bin Abdru Rahman.  Dr.Ahmed bin Al Uvais presented a memento to the Honourable Saudy Arabian envoy.

And also they met the minister of Justice Hon. Rauf Hakeem at his office in the parliamentary complex.

Further, the delegation visited the WAMY head office and observed the activities and the achievements of the WAMY and also advised of their necessities.

Also a dialogue was organized for the staff of WAMY Delegates from Islamic organizations and Muslim scholars and discussed about the education progress of the Sri Lankan Muslims.

They also discussed the Muslim Personnel Law and Separate Jurisdiction Methods for Sri Lankan Muslims were discussed with the Muslim Judges and Lawyers.

A separate meeting for WAMY Da’ees and Volunteers was held and necessary guidance and advices were given.

They also attended the program for gifted students and also they had talks with the Malay communities’ representatives.

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