The Da’wa unit of the WAMY organized a one-day program at Akurana Darul Uloom Arabic College for their students on the topic how to develop their talents for the job market. About 40 students participated on the 1st of October 212.

Faith and expectations, Guidance for Higher education and future employments, Understand your talents, A Da’eee and Halal earnings are some of the topics delivered by Dr. Muhammed Husni, Dr. Mohammed Rishard, Dr. As-Sheikh H.L.M. Haris and Ustaz M.A.M. Mansoor respectively.

This is the first time such programs introduced to students in the field of Shareeah. By such discussions the students showed interests to continue to further them to equip themselves to do higher education. They also got an introduction to job oriented fields.

The Chief Guest at the program was the president of Darul Uloom administration board, Al-Haj Mohammed Ihthisam.

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